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Double-Hung vs. Casement Windows

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Replacement Windows

As springtime blossoms, replacing your home windows may be on your list of improvements to make. Since you can choose from a range of window options, deciding which window type is right for your home can be challenging.

Although double-hung and casement windows are among the most popular window replacement styles, let’s talk about the difference in aesthetic, functionality, and overall design between the two styles. We’ll also keep in mind factors like cleaning, energy efficiency, and maintenance so we can hopefully help you in your decision-making process regarding which kind to put into your home.

At WinChoice USA, we are pleased to serve our clients in the Houston, TX, area with the information they need to help them choose a suitable window replacement. This post will explore the distinctive qualities of two of the most common window types, double-hung and casement, to determine which style might look and function best in your home.

What makes different window styles stand out is that they each have a look of their own. Much depends upon the relative sizes of the windows and their sashes. A homeowner who likes clean, spare, contemporary style might find that a casement window adds a modern, open finish. At the same time, they perceive double-hung windows as making the window look cluttered due to its dividing sash across the middle and possibly its mullion grids.

On the other hand, double-hung windows (and their single-hung siblings) have stayed in style for so many decades—and centuries!—because of their functionality and ease of use, as well as their simple attractiveness.

How to Choose Between a CasementWindow and a Double-Hung Window in Houston, TX?

Although double-hung and casement windows are both admirable choices, they do differ. Understanding the distinguishing characteristics between these two types of windows can have a notable influence on your home’s overall interior design and the windows’ functionality for your family.

Here’s a closer look at how each style of window differs in terms of their visual style and their ease of use:


  • Casement windows have a minimalist design that exposes a large pane of glass, usually a vertical and narrow rectangle, that provides a clear and unobstructed view to the outside. Because of this simplicity, casement windows work well with the clean lines and angles of modernist home designs.
  • The double-hung window style has been an attractive, traditional choice for most American homes built in the 20th century and long before. It provides a classic look that can be open-paned or feature mullion grids that break it into small squares. While these windows slide vertically (and sometimes tilt), they are similar in mechanics to the horizontal sliders found in many contemporary homes.

Ease of Use and Functionality

  • Casement windows work with a cranking mechanism, making opening and shutting them a straightforward task, although it may be hard for someone with arthritis in their hands or wrists. They open outwardly on hinges on one side of the window, like a door, and they lock tightly when closed.
  • Double-hung windows slide vertically, so each of the two panes (called sashes) can slide up or down within their frame. Some modern double-hung have a tilting ability as well, which can be helpful for cleaning and for increased fresh air ventilation. Because it sometimes takes strength to lift them or close them, heavy double-hung windows can be challenging for less-robust family members to use.

Costs and Benefits of Double-Hung vs. Casement Windows in Houston, TX

In general, double-hung windows are a slightly more economical choice, although the difference in prices between the two styles is not extreme. You will more likely find that the dimensions between the two styles will differ, so if you’re seeking replacement windows, the important factor is to compare prices between the two types based on the size and dimensions to fit your opening.

Other considerations relate to economic and practical issues regarding the two window styles.

Durability and Energy Efficiency

  • Double-hung windows are more durable than casement windows because of their frame design, which reduces exposure to the home during harsh weather months and is energy-efficient.
  • The nature of the way casement windows open out into the elements subjects them to much more wear and tear from the climate.
  • While well-made windows of both types are energy efficient, the structure of casement windows makes them slightly less prone to leaks and drafts since all four sides of the sash press firmly into the frame and seal well when closed and locked, locking out outside elements like wind, rain, and debris. The tight seal helps control your home’s temperature by keeping heating and air conditioning in, which is extremely important when the weather changes into the colder months.

Mechanical Issues

  • Double-hung windows typically last longer and require little maintenance. They have fewer mechanical parts, so they can survive for decades. The most frequent problem is a tightening (swelling) or loosening of wood sash frames in extremely warm or cold weather that makes them either hard to open or gives them a tendency to drop if you raise the lower sash.
  • If the crank or wrench on a casement window comes up short, you’ll need to fix it before you can open the window properly again. Repairing this part of the window becomes costly in terms of materials and labor.
  • Also, casement windows may loosen slowly over the years, resulting in less of a tight seal and an increase in air seepage into your house.

Screens are available for both types of windows. The screens fit outside the window for double-hung windows, while for casement windows, the screens fit inside the window.

One final consideration is ventilation and the possible need for the window space for air conditioning. If you have a contemporary-style home with central air conditioning, casement windows may be a good choice. However, casement windows cannot accommodate window air conditioners, so staying cool may be trickier if you choose casements and do not have central air. This may not be an issue in East Texas since most residences have air conditioning.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Windows

When it’s time to clean your home, windows are likely the most neglected area regarding upkeep and cleaning. For homeowners, cleaning windows can be troublesome, yet it’s beneficial to clean your newly installed windows to preserve their longevity. Debris, moisture buildup, or dust can make a home look chaotic.

The amount of dust that gathers around windows influences the measure of light coming into the house as well. You will find a few ways to keep your home windows looking spic and span. You can choose to clean your windows yourself or employ an expert window cleaner for a more precise finish.

You must clean classic double-hung windows from the inside and then also from the outside. The exterior cleaning can be challenging for upper-story or hard-to-reach windows, a job best left to professionals. One advantage of modern double-hung windows that tilt inward is that cleaning the sashes becomes much more manageable.

Casement windows are usually easier to clean. You can clean both the inside and exterior of the pane from within the house since the window cranks out to a 90-degree angle. Alternately, with a pair of windows, you can reach through one window to clean the exterior of the other. If screens are on the windows, you will need to remove them.

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