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Why WinChoice Coastal Window Series?

Coastal Window Series For Impact Resistant Safety & Quality

When it comes to protecting you and your family in areas where weather threatens to break windows, we recommend our Coastal Window Series from WinChoice USA®. These are windows commonly used in coastal communities where high winds and debris can break windows. Our coastal window series is made with glass that’s laminated or otherwise designed to withstand ballistic testing. If they do break, the broken glass is less likely to cause injury. We recommend the coastal window series for areas prone to tornadoes or other high-wind weather conditions like hurricanes. The industry-leading quality that comes with Coastal Windows from WinChoice USA® is just the beginning of advantages you can enjoy with your new windows whether you’re upgrading existing windows or looking for the perfect look and feel for new construction.

Standard On All Coastal Series Windows:

  • Multi-chambered Premium Vinyl Frames
  • Fusion Welded Vinyl Sash And Main Frames
  • Double Insulated Glass Ig Units
  • Warm Edge Spacer Technology
  • Laminated Impact Glass Or Double
  • Strength Glass
  • Stainless Steel Constant Force Balance System
  • Half Screens
  • Custom Made To Fit Each Opening
  • Lifetime Warranty

Why Choose Coastal Series Windows From WinChoice USA®?

Just like all of our windows, the Coastal Series is made with advanced engineering and vinyl frames that are fusion welded. Our windows also include the impressive Warm Edge Spacer Technology to ensure a complete thermal barrier from the glass to the frame. The stainless steel constant force balance system allows the Coastal Series windows to be opened to any point so you can let in a little of the outside or more depending on what you find comfortable.

Coastal 2100 Series Window Features:

  • Multi-chambered 3 Inch Vinyl Frames
  • Fusion-welded Sashes And Mainframes
  • 3/4″ Double Insulated Glass
  • Sash Tilt In For Cleaning
  • Sloped Sill
  • Warm Spacer System
  • Double-strength Glass (Non-impact)
  • Meets Energy Star When Ordered With Low-e / Argon Glass
  • Lifetime Warranty

Coastal 3100 And 5100 Series Features:

  • Heavy Duty Multi-chambered 3 1/4 Inch Vinyl Frames
  • Fusion-welded Sashes And Mainframes
  • Both Top And Bottom Sashes Tilt In For Cleaning
  • Warm Edge Spacer System
  • 7/8″ Double Insulated Glass
  • Double Strength Glass
  • Interlocking Meeting Rail
  • Welded True Slope Sill
  • Meets Energy Star When Ordered With Low-e / Argon Glass
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranty

What Are Your Options When Upgrading To Coastal Series Windows?

Consider upgrading to our 2100 Series single-hung and double-hung coastal windows for outstanding quality without the high cost that comes with similar quality windows from the competition. Even if you don’t live on the coast, these windows are great where severe storms can produce high winds that put your windows at risk. Unlike other windows designed with mechanically fastened joints that can provide less strength and less efficiency, our windows are made with fusion welded construction for superior strength, durability, and efficiency. To enjoy even better quality and value, consider upgrading to our 3100 and 5100 coastal series windows. When you take advantage of our free new window consultation and trust the experts at WinChoice USA® to install your new windows, you’ll be getting a level of quality that can’t be beat for the price. Give us a call today to learn more about the Coastal Series windows from WinChoice USA®.


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