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What Is Warm Edge Spacer Technology?

Warm Edge Spacer Technology From WinChoice USA®

No matter how well the glass in your windows is made and insulated, if the frame that provides the spacing between the panes of glass allows thermal energy seep through, you’re paying for a loss of efficiency. This is where the Warm Edge Spacer Technology in our windows comes in. Other insulating glass spacers, like aluminum, conduct thermal energy for a reduction in insulation while our Warm Edge Spacer Technology is better suited for advanced modern windows like our Low-E argon filled multi-paned windows. In fact, this Warm Edge Spacer Technology can improve thermal efficiency up to 8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since the windows in your home and/or office are about so much more than looks, it pays to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality and effectiveness. For decades, the material used around insulated windows to maintain space between the panes of glass has typically been aluminum. While this material is great for its structural properties, it is also a conductor of thermal energy. This means that if it’s hot outside, an aluminum window frame will transfer that heat through your window frame and ultimately your home. At WinChoice USA®, all our windows are made right here in America and feature an advanced vinyl frame construction. This not only means that our windows provide one of the best thermal barriers available for your home or business, this advanced material and engineering allows us to back our windows with a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty.

We understand that new windows, whether they’re replacement for old inefficient windows or new construction, is a big investment, and who you trust for new windows and installation can make a big difference. Since we deal in a greater volume of windows than just about anyone, and our products are made right here in the USA, we can provide significant savings over the competition along with top-quality windows with expert installation that’s also backed by a warranty. To find out more about our Warm Edge Spacer Technology and many more benefits of new windows from WinChoice USA®, contact us and schedule your free new window consultation.


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