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Replacement Windows – Common Issues With Windows In The Southeast

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Replacement Windows

As a homeowner in the Southeastern United States, there are a number of different home renovations that you always have on your mind. After a severe storm, you might need to replace your roof or siding. After a cold winter, you might need to give the piping in your home some attention. After 10-15 years, there are a number of home appliances that you will likely need to replace. 

Windows are no different. In fact, on average, windows will last between 15-20 years before they need to be replaced. That said, not all windows make it to that milestone. 

At WinChoice USA, we provide the southeastern region with premier window repair and window replacement services — because sometimes windows fail — and there is really nothing that you can do to prevent that aside from regular maintenance. 

In today’s blog, we will be discussing some of the more common window damages and failures that might prompt you to consider having your windows replaced. And when you need window replacements, we urge you to consider getting in touch with our Top Rated National® window replacement team. 


While there are many more than four issues that might prompt you to have your windows repaired or replaced, there are four primary issues that our team sees most in the southeastern region. The four most common window issues are:

Drafty Windows

Windows are meant to be a barrier between the indoors and the great outdoors. retain heat in the winter and keep cool air inside during the summer. Unless your windows are drafty, that is. Your windows can become drafty for a number of different reasons, including improper installation, faulty caulking or weatherstripping, and manufacturer defects. 

While drafty windows are primarily undesirable because they affect the indoor climate by allowing air in and out of your home, they can also cause a large spike in your utility bills. As air escapes or enters your home through the drafty window, your heating and cooling systems will work harder to regulate the temperature in your home — thus raising your utility bills significantly.  

If you notice that you have drafty windows, we urge you to get in touch with our window repair and window replacements team, here at WinChoice USA. In most cases, the cause of the draft can be identified and fixed — and if the windows can’t be fixed, our team can work with you to discuss window replacements. 


Another common issue that our team sees in the southeastern region is window condensation — or a buildup of water between the window panes as a result of the humid climate. Much like a draft, window condensation suggests that there is some sort of air leak in the window that is allowing the condensation to get between the panes. 

When windows accumulate condensation between the pains, it can cause the window to become foggy or cloudy. That said, the cloudiness between the panes does not just inhibit your ability to see outside. Instead, much like a window draft, the condensation suggests that there is an air leak and that your heating and cooling systems are working harder to maintain the temperature in your home. 

While you might be able to find a do-it-yourself guide online that claims to be “the perfect remedy” to your situation, most guides only account for the removal of the condensation and do not address fixing the insulation of the window. Because of that, it is our recommendation to consider window replacements that have a warranty on their seal — something that our team would be happy to help you with. 


Warping, Rotting, Or Cracked Wood

While some of the most common issues with windows in the Southeastern United States are related to the window itself, the wooden frame that holds the window in place can also become damaged. Due to our humid climate, it is not uncommon for improperly sealed or damaged wood to become rotten — and if the weather becomes hot and dry while the wood is saturated, it can even crack or warp too. 

Whether the wooden frame has become warped, cracked, or rotten, it is important that you have the window frame or the window itself replaced or repaired quickly. If damaged wood or wooden window frames are not replaced or repaired quickly, it can lead to further damages to your home. If you notice issues with your window frame or the wood surrounding it, we urge you to contact our team to schedule a window inspection right away. 

Faulty Windows

When it comes to your home’s windows, there is nothing more dangerous, frustrating, or costly as having one or more faulty windows. Windows can be faulty for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are improperly installed and are unable to function properly from the get-go. Other times, they become faulty over a long period of time because of improper maintenance or other factors that are outside of your hands as a homeowner. 

Regardless of why your windows have become faulty, whether you need to prop the window open, it doesn’t retain heat, or it becomes stuck — it is important that you get in touch with a professional window repair or window replacement team to address the issue. At WinChoice USA, our team will inspect your faulty windows and determine if the can be repaired. If they can’t, we will work with you to find an affordable, high-quality window replacement solution.

NOTE: When you are shopping for new windows in your home, be sure to find a window manufacturer and installer (like WinChoice USA) that offers and exceptional Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty.


If you want your home to be equipped with high-quality windows that are sure to withstand the test of time, come visit us at WinChoice USA. Serving the entire Southeastern region of the United States, WinChoice USA is your Top Rated National® window repairs and window replacement team — and we would be happy to help you find the windows that you deserve. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or request a free project estimate for your home. We look forward to hearing from you.  

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