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Were My Windows Installed Correctly?

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Window Installers

As a homeowner, you never want to have to worry about the quality of work a contractor has done on your home. That said, like any industry, there are good contractors and bad contractors — and you can’t always assume that they will get the job done right. 

Because there are less-than-qualified contractors out there, it is important to thoroughly research a contracting company before you decide that they are the right team to complete your home renovations. Sadly, some people forget to do their research and end up having under-qualified contractors work on their home projects — only to find that something was messed up during the renovation or installation process. 

Window Installation Contractors

When it comes to window installation, the process is incredibly easy to mess up if you are not qualified — and when you have an under-qualified contractor install your windows, you will know it sooner than later. 

At WinChoice USA, we sell, manufacture, and install all of our windows. Why? Well, not only do we want to make sure that you find the perfect windows for your home, but we also want to make sure that they are installed correctly. 

Because we understand that there are homeowners in the Southwestern United States that may suspect that they had an under-qualified contractor install their windows, we thought that we might discuss a few of the warning signs of improperly installed windows. If you notice that your windows have any of the following issues or warning signs, be sure to contact us today to discuss window repairs or replacements!

Signs That Your Windows Were Not Installed Correctly

Below, we have listed a few of the most common signs that your windows were not properly installed. If you notice any of the following issues with your windows, be sure to submit an inquiry to the installer and manufacturer of your windows about your warranty information.   

Visible Gaps

A window is meant to separate the indoors from the great outdoors. That said, if you see a visible gap between the frame and the glass or the window frame and the wooden studs, it is more than likely that air and moisture are able to pass through. Visible gaps can occur when a window contractor does not make proper measurements prior to installing the window.  

Spike in Utility Bills

One of the most common signs that a window has been installed incorrectly is when you notice a sharp spike in your utility costs for seemingly no reason. If your windows have been installed within the last couple of years, there is no reason that there should be a spike in utility costs — unless there is a draft that is allowing your heating or cooling energy to escape your home. If your utilities spiked after the windows were installed, it is more than likely that they were not installed correctly. 

Signs of Leaks or Water Damage

While a draft can cause your utility bills to spike, a seal that can’t keep water or condensation out of your home can cause serious physical damage to your home. If humid air is allowed to pass through the window (whether it be between the frame or the panes) condensation can build over time causing mold and rot that can damage the window or wall’s wooden components. If you see any sign of water damage or condensation, you should consider exploring your window repair and replacement options right away. 

Window Sashes Do Not Move Freely

The window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass in place within the frame. There are many different types of windows with moving sashes, with some opening outwards, upwards, or downwards. If the movement of the sash is restricted, it is a sign that the window was not properly installed, as the frame is off-angle and restricting your ability to move the sash efficiently. Luckily, it might be possible for the window to be repaired rather than replaced. 

There Was Never a Warranty

If you were never provided with a warranty after your windows were installed, it is a good sign that your windows were not professionally installed. Almost all windows come with a manufacturer’s warranty that is only honored if the windows were installed by a professional window contractor. 

Messy Caulking

Caulking is essentially the finishing touch for any window installation project. The caulking is the first defense for the window, creating a barrier between the newly installed window and the studs of the wall. If the caulking is messy, it is a good sign that the team responsible for installing your windows was not qualified to do so. If something as simple as the caulking is messed up, it is more than likely that other, more important steps were neglected. 

Stains on the Glass

While a simple little stain on the glass might not have an effect on the efficiency or the functionality of your window, it does speak to the professionalism of the team that installed them. If you notice multiple stains on the glass, get in touch with the company that installed them to have them come and inspect your windows for other issues.

What Do I Do If I Notice One or More of the Issues Listed Above?

If you have recently had windows installed in your home and have noticed one of the above signs of an improperly installed window, we urge you to schedule a window consultation with a member of our experienced window installation team

At WinChoice USA, we offer the premier window shopping, purchasing, and installation experience in the Southeastern United States — and we want to help you avoid working with under-qualified window installers. However, if you have worked with an under-qualified window installer, we can still help!

So if you need your incorrectly installed windows repaired or replaced, we urge you to get in touch with a member of our team today. We look forward to helping you with all of your window needs.

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