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Tips to Choosing the Right Replacement Windows

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Replacement Windows

Are you looking to start a window replacement project? — Call WinChoice to see how we can assist you today! Purchasing windows for your home is a big step in creating a more energy-efficient space. Not only can replacing windows cut costs, but they can also give you the curb appeal you’ve been looking for. With over 40 years of window servicing, WinChoice USAⓇ of Hot Springs, AR is your reliable and trusted company providing replacement windows in Hot Springs, AR. In this blog, we’ll talk about tips on choosing the right replacement window, such as what to look for, window styles, and the right windows for your climate.

What Should I Look for When Buying Replacement Windows?

As you look at your existing windows, evaluate whether you need to replace your entire window or if the glass needs replacing. If they’re damaged, outdated, or causing your energy bill to rise, it may be time to buy replacement windows. A few other factors when looking to replace windows:

  • Location: What’s the climate and noise level?
  • Energy efficiency: How will replacement windows affect your energy bill?
  • Materials: What materials are cost-effective and energy-efficient for your home?
  • Window styles: What style would complement your home?

Overall, you should consider your needs when buying replacement windows, such as how it’ll affect your energy bill and the comfortability of your home. Knowing the style and types of framing that will best suit your home can help this process. If you decide to start your window replacement project, consider calling WinChoice USAⓇ , and we’ll assist with the next steps. We’ll help you choose the best windows for your home from our selection of various styles and materials.

Window Styles and Your Home Architecture

Finding the right style of replacement windows is essential for your home. From basic double or single-hung windows to casement windows, searching for your style has never been easier. When deciding on the type of window for your home, WinChoice USAⓇ has you covered. With our selection of specialty, single, or double windows, you have a variety of windows to choose from. The most common window style is double or single-hung windows which have separate glass sashes. Double-hung windows open from both the bottom and top, while single-hung windows open only at the bottom. Double-hung windows are safer and more ideal if children are present. Casement windows consist of a large glass pane that opens by a lever, usually vertically. They’re great for natural light and are energy-efficient. When the wind hits a casement window, it applies pressure to the seal, making the window more secure. Awning windows are fastened from the top and open outward at the bottom. During rainy weather, awning windows can offer air circulation without causing water damage. Awning windows are most useful in rainy and humid climates. Sliding windows are fairly explanatory in the name — you push the designated panel back and forth to open it. This is a perfect alternative to awning or casement windows if you don’t have space to swing it open.

Match Your Windows to Climate

Another key component of your window is its glass. Depending on what climate you live in, you may opt for temperature control options like double-paned windows or window tinting. These options help those living in extreme heat and cold by keeping cold air in and heat out or vice versa. If you look at your window, you can find the window’s efficiency information on the glass pane. If your window has an Energy StarⓇ label, this means your window follows the U-value and the Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The U-value represents how heat-proof the window is. The SHGC estimates the amount of heat coming through your window. The lower the number, the better your window will work. The U-value and SHGC are helpful when purchasing replacement windows, allowing you to evaluate how the windows will affect your home’s temperature and energy bill. While other factors play an important role when deciding what windows to buy, understanding these levels will cut costs and help you in the long term. Finding the right framing is also important when matching your climate, as some frames can’t withstand specific environments. In addition to the U-value and SHGC, the correct framing to suit your environment is essential. Here are six basic window frames to choose from when replacing your windows:

  • Vinylis an inexpensive, energy-efficient, and commonly used material for window framing. It’s budget-friendly, and won’t shrink or warp, making this option popular for homeowners. While vinyl is limited in colors, its reliable construction ensures your glass is well insulated.
  • Woodrequires more care than vinyl, as they’re prone to twisting and warping but is better at insulating. Since it’s prone to rotting, wood may not be suitable for humid climates.
  • Aluminumis durable and useful in rainy climates. Although able to withstand heavy storms, this material isn’t optimal for temperature maintenance.
  • Wood-cladis low-maintenance and doesn’t transfer heat. If not correctly installed, wood-clad can lead to water damage. When installed, include rubber membranes and a sill pan to capture draining water, limiting water damage to your home.
  • Composite is eco-friendly, made out of plastic and wood. It’s low maintenance and looks like wood, making for a good wood alternative.
  • Fiberglassserves as a high energy-efficient option but is very costly. They are the most durable framing material and easy to paint over. There’s no risk of twisting or warping since they’re made from polyester and glass fibers.

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