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Replacement Windows

Replacement Windows: The Right Windows Can Transform Your Home

If you’ve been wondering how you can put the finishing touches on a living space to truly make it your own, you’re not alone. In fact, there are countless television shows centered on this very subject. The truth is that there are several ways to make a statement in your home. From throw pillows to paint colors to artwork, there are many options that offer a unique way to make your space your own.

One option that is often overlooked, however, is replacement windows. The good news is that at WinChoice USA, we’re here to help! If you’d like to transform the look of your space and you’ve decided that new windows are the way to do it, you can count on our team of window installers to go above and beyond to help you get it just right.

But what types of replacement windows do we offer? We’re breaking it down in today’s post, so keep reading to learn more or contact us today to get a free estimate for your next project.


From classics like single- and double-hung windows to unique architectural shaped windows to casement and awning windows to our Coastal Window Series, there really is something for everyone. 

Perhaps you prefer an understated look and timeless functionality. If that’s the fase, our single-hung windows open vertically from the bottom. Maybe you’d rather have something custom made with specific mullions. If that describes your needs, we also offer specialty custom architectural shaped windows. Customize them even further with a specific color or finish for a look that’s truly your own.

Start Your Search For Inspiration Today

As we mentioned above, inspiration is everywhere! Whether you find it on television, in a magazine, or in a beautiful home in your neighborhood, our goal is to be a part of the process that leaves you with a living space that you’re thrilled to spend your time in. After all, isn’t that the point of owning a home?

No matter what else you decide to do to make your home your own, we know that the subtle feeling your new replacement windows inspire is sure to put you at ease after a long day at the office. 


With several locations, there’s a WinChoice team that would love to install the windows that transform your living space into something you’ll love for many years to come. No matter the type of windows you choose, we’ll go above and beyond to make sure the job gets done the right way the first time. In fact, we even back our products with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Also, be sure to check out our specials page to find a deal that makes it incredibly easy to get the windows you’re looking for for your home. 

Ready to get started? So are we! Contact us today to get a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

Replacement Windows

Window Maintenance 101: Tips From Your Local Replacement Windows Company

When you decide to invest in new windows, you do so with the expectation that they will last for another 20 years before needing replacement again. Sadly, not all windows will end up lasting as long as they are marketed. 

When it comes to the lifetime of a window, two factors will determine how long the window will last. First, it is important that you purchase your windows from a trusted manufacturer like us, here at WinChoice USA. Second, you’ll want to take good care of the windows for the years to come — because, with a little work, you might be able to make your windows last longer than 20 years without developing any issues or weaknesses.

At WinChoice USA, we provide the Southeastern United States with high-quality replacement windows and window installation services. As a leader in the window industry, we thought that we might share with you some of the most basic ways that you can care for your new windows and maximize their longevity. Continue reading to learn more. 

Clean, Clean, & Clean

The best way to ensure that your windows will last for the years to come is to clean them thoroughly and often. Not only is cleaning your windows a great way to benefit the aesthetics of your home, but it is also a great way to prevent grime and gunk from building up and negatively affecting the performance of your window. 

When you are cleaning your windows it is incredibly important that you avoid using abrasive cleaning products and scrubbing tools. Abrasive products can create minor scratches on the surface of glass, vinyl, and wood — causing them to deteriorate faster. 

Be Mindful of Film & Coating

If you are considering shopping around for replacement windows, we strongly suggest that you consider looking at energy-efficient options. Energy-efficient windows are coated in a thin, unnoticeable coating or film that reflects a significant amount of radiant heat — thus keeping conditioned air in and outdoor air out. 

Over time it is possible for coating and films to be damaged as a result of general wear and tear or improper cleaning. If the coating or film is damaged, the efficiency of the window significantly decreases. So make sure you clean your windows correctly and contact a window repair contractor if you notice damages. 

Clean Your Window Tracks

When people think of issues that they’ve had with their past windows, they usually think of the aggravating difficulty that they had opening and closing them. Luckily, this issue is completely avoidable. The most common cause of windows that are difficult to open and close is the presence of water or dirt in the window tracks. If water sits in the track of a wooden window, it can cause warping. If dirt and other debris are in the track, it can cause the track to get stuck or hung up on itself. 

Cleaning window tracks is incredibly easy — and you don’t even have to do it all that often to prevent future damages. For water, simply soak it up using a sponge, towel, or cloth. For dirt and debris, use a dry brush to remove the buildup from the track.

For Long-Lasting Windows, Think Winchoice USA!

Cleaning and maintaining your windows regularly is the best way to ensure that they last long and perform efficiently. That said, the quality of the window has a huge impact on how susceptible the windows are to damages. 

When you’re shopping for replacement windows, come visit us at one of our 10 locations across the Southeastern United States. We would be more than happy to assist you and find you high-quality efficient windows that you can trust. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with a member of our team. 

Replacement Windows

Learn About Our Limited Lifetime Warranty for Replacement Windows

What makes the windows you get from WinChoice USA different from the rest? For starters, they’re backed by a limited lifetime warranty for maximum peace of mind. In this day and age, nothing’s made to last — except for our windows! That’s why we back them with our unbeatable industry-leading limited lifetime warranty.

In today’s post, we’ll share a bit more about why we choose to provide such an incredible warranty with our products, how we make them, and what you get when you get your replacement windows from WinChoice USA. Keep reading to learn more or feel free to contact us now with any questions you may have.

Limited Lifetime Warranty For Everyone


No matter the style of window you need for your home, rest assured that we make and install them the right way.

Even better, the lifetime warranty we offer is transferable to the next owner of the property to ensure that they’re also able to enjoy windows that are made to stand the test of time. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Made in the USA

At WinChoice USA, we’re a veteran-owned company, and that means that we take great pride in manufacturing all of our windows right here in the United States. In the end, it means you get a better quality product.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Certified

Additionally, our team is licensed, bonded, insured, and certified. When it comes to making your home a better place to live, you deserve to work with the best. When you choose WinChoice USA, that’s what you get.

Free home window replacement estimate

And speaking of this wonderful country, we have several locations all across the United States. With offices in Jackson, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Monroe, Memphis, Shreveport, Little Rock, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and Huntsville — with more on the way soon — you can rest assured that no matter where you live, you’re covered by a team of expert window installers who knows the value of hard work.

40 Years of Combined Experience

With over four decades of combined experience and a dedication to making sure the job gets done the right way the first time around, you can count on us to handle the custom windows that make your home…your home!

No matter the style of window you’re looking for, we can handle it. Whether it’s a standard size or something fully custom, you can count on our windows to stand the test of time. Single-hung, casement, bow and bay — we offer a variety of different window products, including ones made with low-e coated glass which can help to lower your energy bills and protect the environment. 

Get a Free Estimate Today!

Perhaps best of all, we offer free estimates. Whether you’re doing some research or you’re ready to get started on a project, the team at WinChoice USA is here to help. With experience, integrity, and the best warranty in the business, we’re the best choice for replacement windows.

Contact our team today to get an estimate for your next project. We look forward to hearing from you!

Replacement Windows

Home Improvements & Home Value: Where Does Window Replacement Stand?

As a homeowner, every single home improvement project is planned and executed for a reason. For some, they have moved into their dream home where they plan to retire but want to make some practical changes. For others, home improvements are made in an effort to increase the value of their property before listing it for sale. At WinChoice USA, we are here to remind you that home improvement decisions don’t need to be made in such a black and white way. 

When it comes to home improvements, there are two variables that will affect your decision. Those two variables are time and value. For people who decide to renovate the home that they intend on living in for a long time, time is likely the biggest factor affecting their decision. For people who are currently thinking about putting their home on the market, the most important factor is the added value to the home. 

But what if you plan on living somewhere for a couple of years before selling the home? Is there still a reason to make the home improvements?

At WinChoice USA, we believe that the best time to make home renovations is a couple of years before you move — especially when it comes to installing new vinyl windows. 

Why Renovate Years Before Moving?

When it comes to large, costly home improvements like roofing, it might not matter when you have the roof replaced. In fact,  the roof doesn’t need to be replaced until the moment that you move because the value of the return is so high. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, homeowners can expect to gain 105% of re-roofing costs when selling their home. Essentially, what this means is that by replacing the roof before listing your home can add up to 5% of value to your home while the re-roofing costs are still covered in the added value to your home. So why not wait until right before moving if your roof is in an aging, but functional, condition.

Windows, on the other hand, are a little bit different from home improvements like roofing because they have a slightly lower return on investment. When you install energy-efficient vinyl windows, it is estimated that you will see around 80% return on your investment.

The reason that we believe window replacements are still a good idea a few years before you plan on moving is that in doing so you can add 80% of the window costs to the valuation of your home while still being able to benefit from the energy-efficient windows and recoup extra return on investment through lower utility bills for years to come.  

Why Choose Vinyl Windows From WinChoice USA?

WinChoice USA is the premier window manufacturer, seller, and installer of windows in the Southeastern United States — and we are here to help you with all of your home window renovation needs. 

At WinChoice USA, we offer the following window types and styles:

  • Single-Hung Windows
  • Single Sliding Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Double Sliding Windows
  • Casement & Awning Windows
  • Bow & Bay Windows
  • Architectural-Shaped Windows
  • Basement Hopper Windows
  • Sliding Patio Doors

Our window replacements are offered with:

  • Multiple Decorative Options
  • Warm Edge Spacer Technology
  • Energy Saving, Low-E Glass

WinChoice USA Vinyl Replacement Window Specials (On Top of Your ≈ 80% ROI)

At WinChoice, we don’t just bring our customers high-quality windows, but we also bring them affordable ways to do so! After all, there is no such thing as a cheap home improvement, so we are here to give you a way to save a little more. 

Replacement Window Payments

First thing’s first, we understand that windows are expensive. In fact, seeing a price tag to replace all of the windows in your home with our vinyl, energy-efficient windows might deter you from doing it. That’s why we offer unlimited windows to our customers for as low as $89 per month. All you need to do is:

  • Meet minimum purchase (Call for details)
  • Have approved credit

$500 Discount on Vinyl Replacement Windows

Being able to cash in a return on your renovation investment with added home value is nice, but wouldn’t it be nice to save even more. Say… somewhere in the ballpark of $500? Well, all you have to do is mention our website and our discount to cash in. In order to receive the discount, you must:

  • Meet minimum purchase (Call for details)
  • Have approved credit

Schedule an Estimate or Inspection Today!

If you are considering renovating your home with high-quality, efficient vinyl windows, we urge you to get in touch with us at WinChoice USA. Whether you are preparing your home for listing or simply thinking about it in the future, there is no bad time to replace your windows.

Contact a member of our team today to schedule your free vinyl window replacement estimate and Energy-Star inspection. We look forward to helping you save! 

Replacement Windows

What Does It Cost to Replace Your Windows?

Do you have older windows in your home? If so, there is a good chance that they might need replacement. 

Depending on what kind of windows were installed in your home, they can last anywhere from 20–40 years. That said, if you home was built more than two decades ago, there is a good chance that your windows are not functioning as well as they should be — meaning that you are actually wasting money on your utility bills each month. 

Sure, it is easy to decide that you need windows, but it is incredibly hard to actually make the decision to do so. Why? Well, in the grand scheme of things, replacing your windows is a large investment — as any major home improvement would be.

At WinChoice USA, the premier window replacement company in the Southeastern United States, we are here to help you find the most affordable, energy-efficient windows possible. As a manufacturer, seller, and installer of high-quality windows, our team is here to help you every single step of the way. From estimates to window selection and the installment of favorable payment plans, WinChoice USA is here for you!

But how much does it actually cost to shop for new windows?

Window Replacement Costs

When you are shopping for replacement windows, there are multiple different things that will affect the overall cost of your project. Style, building materials, energy efficiency, and installation are all things that you have to carefully consider before deciding what option is most equitable for your home and your wallet. So before you settle on a window manufacturer and window installer, it is important to consider the following factors that might impact the total cost: 

What Style of Windows Are You Looking For?

When it comes to windows, there is a wide range of costs associated with different window types. Single hung windows are among the more affordable window options and more complex windows like casement and awning windows can be quite expensive.

More complex window styles are more expensive because they require more building materials and unique parts to create. Additionally, the complexity of a window will likely contribute to higher installation costs — being that installation will likely be much more intensive.

What Materials Are the Windows? 

In addition to the style of the window, the window materials and efficiency will also affect the cost of your window replacement project. Building materials like aluminum and wood are substantially cheaper than building materials like vinyl and fiberglass — making the financial burden of the project a little bit more manageable. 

Choosing to go with replacement windows built using cheaper products might impact your wallet less on the day of purchase. That said, you still might end up paying more in the long run, as up to 30% of your heating and cooling energy is lost through the window frames of your home.

While it might be difficult to see the bill for your project when you install new, high-quality vinyl or fiberglass windows, you will end up saving money down the road on recouped utility costs. 

Are There Different Costs Between Purchase & Installation? 

If you have been researching different window manufacturers in search of the best deal, you have likely noticed that some companies will sell you their windows and then refer you to an installation company. When this is done, you are dealing with two quotes from two seperate companies — meaning that it can be difficult to predetermine the project costs from start to finish. 

When you work with an experienced window manufacturer and installer like us, here at WinChoice USA, you can rest easy knowing that the project quote and the estimate that you were provided with is accurate and won’t change unless serious issues arise during installation (extensive existing damages to the old window frame). 

Free home window replacement estimate

In addition to providing you with a more concrete project quote, working with a full-service window company can also ensure that your windows last longer. Every window manufacturer, including us, provides customers with a manufacturer’s warranty that is voided if the window are installed incorrectly. When you work with a full-service window company, you can rest easy knowing that the windows are being installed in compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty. 

For the Most Affordable Windows, Think Winchoice USA!

So you might be thinking “How much do windows cost at WinChoice USA?”

While we can’t give you a concrete answer to that question until you come visit us at one of our 10 locations in the Southeastern United States, we can give you an idea of what it might cost you month-to-month after they are installed. 

While our products might range in price because of the reasons that we have discussed in today’s blog post, we can offer all of our customers unlimited replacement windows for just $89 per month. Yes, you read that right. You can get an unlimited number of new replacement windows and you only have to pay $89 per month. And to top it off, mention our website and get an extra $500 off of your entire purchase as long as you make the minimum purchase and have approved credit. 

Are You Ready for New Windows? Contact Us Today!

If you are ready to begin your next window replacement project, we urge you to come visit us today! Not only will we work with you through the entirety of the window replacement process, but we will also help you determine what windows might look best on your home, what windows will conserve the most energy, as well as what windows will lessen the financial burden on your wallet or purse. 

At WinChoice USA, we have a commitment to quality. From the moment you walk into our showroom to the moment the last window is installed on your home, our team is here to help. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule an energy star inspection for your current home or to request a free estimate for window replacement in your home. We look forward to working with you!

Replacement Windows

How to Navigate the Process of Getting Replacement Window Quotes

There’s a lot to love about being a homeowner. You can paint the walls whenever you like, redo the floors, hang pictures on the walls, and plant trees in your yard. In other words, you have the freedom to make your home into a place that you genuinely love spending your time.

Of course, there are also a couple of downsides. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong, you’re the one who has to fix it. 

The good news is that if you’re in the market for replacement windows, the team at WinChoice USA makes the entire process incredibly simple. Whether it’s a leaking hot water heater, a problem with your sprinkler system, or an issue with your circuit breaker, we know that it can be really intimidating to search for companies who can help. After all, how do you know who you can trust? That’s why in today’s post we’ll be offering a bit of advice on how you can navigate the process of getting estimates to fix the problems that arise in your home. Although we’ll be focusing specifically on replacement windows, you can use the advice you find here for any problems that arise. Keep reading to learn more!

Where to Start

In this day and age, we’re lucky to have a number of different resources available to help us research a number of different things. Discovering information about companies is no different. So where should you start? Let’s take a look.

The Internet

Perhaps the first place you’ll turn to learn about window installers is the internet. After all, a quick Google search for something like “replacement window companies near me” will likely turn up several different options for you to consider. 

This is great, of course, because it allows you to build up your preliminary list of companies to consider. For many people, hearing what other customers had to say about their experience with a company is a wonderful starting point.

Upgrade Your Home With Energy Efficient Windows

Our advice? Take what you read with a grain of salt. Although many of the reviews that you read are from level-headed people like yourself, others come from customers who just can’t be satisfied. Additionally, you may find that some reviews that just don’t seem quite right. Sometimes these reviews come from the friends or family members of business owners looking to artificially inflate their ratings. 

So what’s a person to do? Look at the overall picture if there are enough reviews. Generally speaking, this is the approach that makes the most sense. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of companies to consider, you can move to the next step, which is seeking the opinions of…

Friends, Family, and Coworkers

In many instances, checking in with the people you know and trust and asking who they’ve used to replace their home’s windows in the past can provide you with useful information. For example, the company that’s at the top of your list may be one that gave a particularly high quote to your friend. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but it is something to keep in mind.

In other instances, someone you know may provide you with an option that you hadn’t even considered, praising the company for its prices, friendliness, and quality of work.

Start Getting Quotes

Although many people simply pick one company from their list and let them do the work, our advice is to always get estimates from multiple companies. This ensures that you’re not overpaying for the work that they are doing.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s not unusual for some companies to charge more. There are many reasons that this might be the case that include the amount of experience they have, the speediness with which they can do installs, and the quality of their products. At the end of the day, a company that charges more money doesn’t always equate to a company that you shouldn’t work with. Instead, it’s important to have all of the facts before making your decision.

During this process, write down exactly how many windows you’ll need and provide estimated measurements if possible. This will allow the companies you’re getting quotes from to provide them much more easily. 

Once you have a handful of quotes in, it’s time to consider all of your options and decide which company is the best choice.

Making the Final Decision

Determining which company you’d like to work with is often easier than you might have expected at the offset. Sometimes it’s a positive experience working with the company to get an estimate. They come out, they tell you what you can expect, and provide you with a quote. It’s a pleasant process because they were able to come out quickly, they were friendly while they were there, and the price is right. If that’s the case, making your decision to choose that company is almost a no-brainer.

Other times, it can be more difficult. If that’s the case, review all of the information you have. Look at reviews, consider your experience, and factor in the price of the quote each company gave you. In many instances, there will be one option that clearly stands out above the rest.

Why Choose WinChoice USA?

At WinChoice USA, we strive to be the best option for replacement windows in the Southern United States. With locations in Jackson, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Monroe, Memphis, Shreveport, Little Rock, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Huntsville, we’re here for you wherever you are!

Upgrade Your Home With Energy Efficient Windows

We’re dedicated to getting the job done the right way every single time and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best service possible. We bring several decades of experience to each job we undertake and our team is proud to provide free estimates, helping our clients to make the decision that works best for them. We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured, and we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our work. In other words, we’re the best at what we do and we stand behind the quality of the work we do because we know if gives our clients the peace of mind they need when searching for the best window installers. 

No matter the size of the job — whether you need entirely new sliding windows in your home or you’re simply replacing a casement window that cracked — you can rest assured that WinChoice USA is the right team. Learn more about who we are, check out our current specials, and then contact us today to get started on your free estimate. We look forward to helping make sure you get the windows you need so your home can be its best.